President Ruto Commends Kenyan Youths for Peaceful Protests Against Finance Bill 2024

President Ruto Commends Kenyan Youths for Peaceful Protests Against Finance Bill 2024

President Ruto Commends Kenyan Youths for Peaceful Protests Against Finance Bill 2024

In a recent address in Nyahururu, President William Ruto expressed his admiration for the Kenyan youths who have taken to the streets to protest the Finance Bill 2024. He conveyed his pride in their ability to maintain peace and act without tribal divisiveness, demonstrating a strong sense of civic duty. The President acknowledged that the voices of the young people were being heard and assured them that his administration would engage with them to address their concerns.

Youths' Democratic Exercise

The protests, sparked by grievances over the Finance Bill 2024, started in Nairobi and Mombasa before spreading to other parts of the country, including Kisii, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyeri, and Nanyuki. The young protesters have been demanding amendments to what they view as an unfair financial burden imposed by the bill. Ruto emphasized that their approach to voicing their discontent set an important example for peaceful and organized protest.

Commitment to Dialogue and Solutions

Addressing the concerns of the youth, President Ruto assured that his government is open to dialogue and keen on finding practical solutions. He highlighted that funds have been earmarked in the next financial year's budget to create employment opportunities for the youth and improve their access to technical and vocational education and training (TVET) as well as university education. Ruto stressed the importance of these measures to ensure the youth can better contribute to the country's future.

Protests and Legislative Process

Despite the protests, the Finance Bill 2024 was passed in Parliament with a significant majority, with 204 Members of Parliament voting in favor and 105 against. The bill is now on its way to the Committee of the whole House for further amendments. The protests highlight the tensions in Kenyan society regarding economic policies and the need for inclusive legislative processes that consider the voices of all citizens, especially the youth.

Government Initiatives for Youth Empowerment

Government Initiatives for Youth Empowerment

The Kenyan government has reiterated its commitment to youth empowerment through various initiatives and programs. As part of the broader effort to address youth unemployment, the administration has set aside substantial funds to create job opportunities. This move is expected to alleviate some of the economic pressures faced by the younger population.

Additionally, expanding access to education, particularly in technical and vocational fields, is seen as a critical step toward equipping the youth with the necessary skills for the job market. The focus on TVET and higher education aligns with the government's vision of fostering a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

The Broader Context

The protests against the Finance Bill 2024 cannot be viewed in isolation. They are part of a broader narrative of youth activism and civic engagement in Kenya. Young people are increasingly becoming stakeholders in the political and economic discourse, demanding more accountability and transparency from their leaders. This trend is a positive indicator of a vibrant democracy where citizens actively participate in shaping their future.

While the passage of the Finance Bill 2024 has been a point of contention, it also provides an opportunity for the government and the public to engage constructively. Through dialogue, there is potential to address the concerns raised and find mutually beneficial solutions that promote economic growth and social equity.

Next Steps

As the Finance Bill 2024 moves to the Committee of the whole House for amendments, it will be crucial for the legislators to consider the input from the protests. The Committee has the task of reviewing and potentially revising the bill to reflect the interests of all stakeholders. This process will test the government's commitment to inclusive governance and its ability to balance fiscal responsibility with social justice.

In his address, President Ruto called for unity and collective effort in building a better country. He emphasized that the journey toward a prosperous Kenya requires the contributions of all citizens, particularly the youth, who represent the nation's future.



The recent protests against the Finance Bill 2024 have showcased the determination and civic awareness of Kenyan youths. President Ruto's positive response and assurance of government engagement mark a significant step toward addressing their concerns. As the legislative process continues, the hope is that through constructive dialogue and inclusive policies, the aspirations and needs of the young people will be met, paving the way for a brighter and more equitable future for Kenya.

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